Let’s req!

Let’s req! is a requirements management application with +500 registered users, focused on usability, productivity and communication. Running since 2010 on Rails 2.3.8 and Apache with MySQL. I’m preparing a new version based in Rails 4 :). Check it out at


REMbooth allows you to configure awesome reminders for your Redbooth tasks using your Twitter account. Never miss a task again with!

WTG? (What The Gem?)

Got a new project and have no idea what the hell every library in your Gemfile is? What The Gem? is the service you need. Just upload a Gemfile and you will get a list of the dependencies and their descriptions:


An A.I. engine for playing hex, an highly-complex board game. The application was the first strong hex game written in Java. More information (in Spanish).


Bicingstats was the first serious attempt at retrieving and storing historical usage information about the Barcelona’s public bike service. Although is currently not functioning, I think it’s a cool thing to preserve :). Source code.